Road-Kill Journal Vol.4-2

The Dog Bots are Back in a Classy New Model and Skin
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Thursday, January 16, 2003 2:30 PM CDT

They're back and they're howlin' mad!

[DB] Willy cuts loose with the Pulse Rifle in Acid Pipe...

Theeeeey're back! We are happy to announce that starting tonight on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server, the Dog Bots will return to the game in their own custom models and skins. Speaking on behalf of all the Dog Bots, [DB] Archie said, "Although we're very grateful to the Cat Bots for the loan of their extra skins over the last few weeks, all of the Dog Bots are extremely pleased to be back in our own gear." He added, "Willy, Spooky, and few of the other guys are highly allergic to cat fur and had just about had it wearing those things."

And just when we thought all of the bot labor problems of 2000 were over, both species of the Bots have now organized their own clans. The Cat Bots will now wear the [CB] tag and the Dog Bots will wear the [DB] tag. In a brazen display of their political incorrectness all of the Bots made it very clear they will not tolerate any inter-species hi-jinks and that absolutely no humans will be permitted to join either one of the bot clans... so much for diversity. This is, of course, disappointing news for [DC] Scratch the designer and creator of the new Dog Bot skins. When asked for a comment, Scratch took a shot at the Road-Kill Journal's correspondent and was heard muttering something about, "...ungrateful mongrel whelps!" or something to that effect.

To learn more about the labor-relations problems with the bots, go here:

The Great Cat Bot Strike of 2000


Dead Cat Team Symbols and the UT Sniper Rifle Returns!
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Tuesday, January 14, 2003 3:30 PM CDT

The Dead Cat Logo and a REAL Sniper Rifle

[DC] DRCray caps while using the UT Sniper Rifle...

[DC] Toonces uses the UT Sniper Rifle in Ancient Evil...

The new UT Sniper Rifle is making a "Command Performance" in UT2003 thanks to the following three individuals:

Many thanks to Spoon for the Sniper Arena Mutator!

Download Sniper Arena

...many thanks to Melaneus for SwitchArsenal v3.0!

Download SwitchArsenal v3b

...and, many thanks to Kangus for WoRM2k3!

Download WoRM2k3r2

Spoon made it possible for the UT Sniper Rifle to work in UT2003...and Melaneus and Kangus made it possible to use it as a replacement for the UT2K3 Assault Rifle. These are the folks that make on-line gaming worth playing year after year...

A few words of caution here: If you intend to download these mutators for use on your own machine, be prepared to resolve any version conflict errors on your own. I will be updating the versions on the server as soon as they become available. There are quite a few differences between SwitchArsenal v3.0 and WoRM2k3. SwitchArsenal v3.0 is in its third iteration so it has far more options and is quite a bit more configurable than WoRM2k3. The greatest difference is that SwitchArsenal v3.0 is NOT compatible with the Balance UT2K3 mutator we are using and WoRM2k3 works just fine with it. The Balance UT2K3 mutator, or "FWeaps1.1" as it also known, re-balances all the rest of the UT2003 weapons, including the Lightning Gun, which makes them operate in a manner that is very close to the original UT Weapons. Two of the most significant changes are the removal of the video lines from the Lightning Gun's scope and the zero spin-up time for the Minigun...which is back to being a very kick-ass weapon with this mutator running.

If you do run into a version conflict error, remember that help is available on the Tutorials page.

The Dead Cat Logo on the Blue CTF Flag...

The Dead Cat Logo on the Red CTF Flag...

The Dead Cat Logo on a Blue Video Monitor...

The Dead Cat Logo on a Red Video Monitor...

Toonces carries the DC Logo Flag...

The smaller Team Symbols on the F1 Key Screen...

And, finally a HUGE thanks to Spoon for creating a Team Symbol Changer mutator that will allow us to proudly display the Dead Cat logo on just about everything in the game...:-)



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