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Who Let the Dogz Out? - Hobi-Wan Remakes a Classic
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Wednesday, April 16, 2003 11:30 AM CDT

CTF-Dawgz Returns as CTF-Beware of UDOGZ

Woof! Woof!...Baby!

TeamUT mapper, Hobi-Wan, has recreated his UT classic CTF-Dawgz for UT2003 as CTF-Beware of UDOGZ. The map is virtually identical in many respects, but takes full advantage of UT2003's Static Mesh capability in its construction...including several flashing "Beware of UDOGZ" signs courtesy of Toonces T. Cat.

Game-play is very similar to the UT version, but Hobi-Wan has adjusted the size and the dimensions of the map to work well with the physics and special moves of UT2003. CTF-Beware of UDOGZ will debut on the Dead Kitty's UT2003 Server tonight.

     Get the map file here:

CTF-Beware of UDOGZ


Dead Cat Invasion Map Pack - Maximum Monster Mayhem
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, April 13, 2003 12:30 PM CDT

Purpose built to fight the monster invasion

Tons of health, guns, ammo and bad guys!

The Dead Cat Mapping Team has produced a new map pack consisting of 8 of our best custom Dead Cat maps that have been specifically modified for use with Epic's new Invasion game-type.

In addition to being modified for Invasion, each map also contains 4 custom weapons: an MP5 and a Benneli Shotgun from Ghandi and Raven, and a Colt Peace Maker...players can have Dual Colts...and a Fyrian Cannon from Mr. Evil, Gusher, and NeroTBF. The whole map pack was done just for fun and these custom weapons make the levels a real hoot to play!

To use the Invasion maps do the following:

     1.) The file "DM-(~DCI)Dead-Cat-Invasion-Pack.ut2" is a placeholder...ignore it

     2.) Place all 8 of the .ut2 files in your ut2003\maps directory

     3.) Unzip and place the files in the following ut2003 directories:

          wildwest_v101.u and - ut2003\system
          wildwest_sounds.uax - ut2003\sounds
          wildwestpak_animations.ukx - ut2003\animations
          wildwest_staticmeshes.usx - ut2003\staticmeshes
          WildwestSkins.utx - ut2003\textures

     4.) Install the Fyrian Cannon in the same manner as the WildWest mutator...Check the Fyrian
if needed.

The Wild West Colt Peacemaker mutator may be used separately in the "Arena" or "Replacement" modes...IT MUST BE INSTALLED FOR THE DEAD CATS INVASION MAPS TO FUNCTION PROPERLY. Many thanks to Gusher at PreFabLab and Mr. Evil for the outstanding work. The weapon is a total anachronism inside of UT2003...and that is what makes it so much fun! Not to mention that it also kicks some serious monster booty...:-)

The Fyrian Cannon mutator may be used separately in the "Arena" or "Replacement" modes...IT MUST BE INSTALLED FOR THE DEAD CATS INVASION MAPS TO FUNCTION PROPERLY. Many thanks to Gusher and NeroTBF at PreFabLab for the skin and the model and to Mr. Evil for the outstanding weapon work. This is a very powerful weapon, but it does use ammo like grease through a goose and, if you're not careful, it will overheat...especially in secondary mode. As with the WildWest mute, see the Fyrian ReadMe for more details on its proper use in combat.

Also huge thanks go out to Ghandi and Raven for their great MP5 and Benneli Shotgun.

There have been numerous changes in the maps, especially Shotgun Gulch which is now about half its original size and Little Liver which is a much smaller, darker, meaner version of Silly Liver.

****IMPORTANT NOTE #1 - All of these maps contain an Enhanced Shock Rifle. With the exception of Silly Liver and Little Liver, they are very difficult to obtain without killing yourself. In two of the maps they are in secret areas protected by deadly mazes. Make sure that your "World Detail" setting is set to at least "HIGH" or you will not be able to see the things that can kill you.****

****IMPORTANT NOTE #2 - You MUST replace the file "wildwestpak_animations.ukx" with the one included in the or YOU WILL GET A VERSION CONFLICT ON THE DEAD KITTY'S UT2003 SERVER...Put simply, if you are prompted to over-write a file for the Wild West mutator, click on "Okay"****

****IMPORTANT NOTE #3 - DM-(DCI)-Little Liver is a scaled down version of Silly Liver designed to permit much improved frame rates in the higher waves of monsters. Although they look very much the same, the game-play is entirely different and as result of that, I've chosen to leave both maps in the pack. There are a few added little treats in the smaller version for all of the Dead Cats that helped me beta test these puppies over the last few weeks.****

If you would like to play the maps competetively on-line, visit the Dead Kitty's UT2003 Server at: after 5:00pm CST and 24 hours on the weekends and holidays. We run both the CTF and Invasion game-types.

Follow the links below to either download the map pack or to take a tour of the levels.

     Get The Dead Cat Invasion Map Pack here:

The Dead Cat Invasion Map Pack

     Tour The Dead Cat Invasion Map Pack here:

Invasion Pack Tour


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