Road-Kill Journal Vol.4-5

Proximity Mines ~ Watch Your Step!
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, May 9, 2003 09:30 AM CDT

As if there weren't already enough things that can kill you

The H.U.D. and Deployed Views of Giganerd's Mutator

The Texture Files of Toonces' Humble Skinning Efforts

Just when you thought there were already enough things in UT2K3 that can kill you, we just had to add one more: Proximity Mines from Giganerd, aka Tristan Griffith. These critters are so nasty and so much fun all at the same time, I don't even know where to start. For this weekend, you will have to take the push from the server and I have preset all of the configurations. So, there is nothing you have to do except take the push from the re-direct server and have fun with the Proximity Mines.

After Giganerd releases the full package, you will have a number of options available to you when it is installed on your own PC. There are four options to choose from in the "Configure Mutator" screen:

  1.) Physics:

     A.) Normal - The Proximity Mines behave the same as a thrown Translocator Disk
     B.)   Sticky - The Proximity Mines stick to walls, ceilings, et cetera.
     C.) Bouncy - The Proximity Mines bounce around...Great for crowds...:-)

  2.) Explosion:

     A.) Normal - The Proximity Mines explode like a Grenade
     B.)    Large - The Proximity Mines explode like a Redeemer

  3.) Skins:

     A.) Normal - The Proximity Mines are olive drab and gray in color
     B.)   Bright - The Proximity Mines look like the images above

     Note - With Bright Skins, Proximity Mines in Team Games are Red and Blue. They are
                 Yellow in all other game-types.

  4.) Friendly Fire:

     A.) On - The Proximity Mines blow up your team mates
     B.) Off - The Proximity Mines don't blow up your team mates

For the Dead Kitty's Server, the settings will be: Sticky, Normal, Bright, and Off. There are just a few other things you will need to know regarding this mutator. The Assault Rifle Grenade pick-ups become the Proximity Mine pick-ups. At this time, there is no limit on the number of Mines a player can place in any level other than the number of the available ammo pick-ups. As the Mines replace the Grenades, the MP5 Grenade Launcher will start with four rounds. When they are gone, you will not be able to reload. The MP5 Grenades are virtually identical to the Rockets, so this is no great loss as far as game-play is concerned. The deployed Mines can be destroyed with explosive projectiles such as Flak Balls and Rockets. The Minigun and most of the other weapons have no effect on them. The FireChucker will wipe them out wholesale! On a final note, if you decide to SPAM the level with Mines be very careful, as when you are killed all of your remaining Mines will explode simultaneously...and pretty much take out everything around them...:-)

Many thanks to Giganerd for his hard work on this great mutator!

I have to add a small editorial note at this point. Many people will likely complain that this mutator makes UT2003 too much like Team Fortress and Half-Life. Well, all I have to say to that is: Outstanding! It was Gordon Freeman and the Grunts and the Barneys that dragged me into the whole world of First Person Shooters in the first place and I will be very happy to see a touch of their universe in this game. The options it opens up are limitless. If you don't like Campers, then take a few seconds and booby-trap all of those dark sniping areas. Are you bothered by cocky gun-fighter types? Well, here's your chance to make them watch their step a bit.

I have no doubt that the introduction of this weapon will alter the character of the game to some degree. I do believe that change will be in the right direction.


The Dead Cat Invasion Bonus Pack - Final Release Version
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Wednesday, May 7, 2003 07:30 AM CDT

Eight Dead Cat standards with major revisions

New Game-Type ~ New Layouts

New Weapons that Kick Monster Booty!

The Dead Cat Invasion maps were created for individual use and for network play on dedicated servers. They are designed expressly for the UT2K3 Invasion game mode, but will also work in the Deathmatch and the Team Deathmatch modes as well. Contributing to the construction of this massive DC Invasion Bonus Pack were Mr. Evil, Gusher, NeroTBF, Spoon, Legionaire Joe, Ghandi, Raven, Toonces, Balefire, and Hobi-Wan.

Each map has eight additional weapons built in that are usually not a part of "Normal Weapons" game-play. These include: the Super Shock Rifle, a Colt Peacemaker, an MP5 with Grenade Launcher, a Benneli Shotgun, the Fyrian Cannon, the PIC...or Personal Ion Cannon, Sentinel Deployer...which places either floor or ceiling mounted Sentry Guns much like those from the film Aliens, and the Sniper Rifle from the original Unreal Tournament.

There's one known weapon bug. If you switch weapons while zoomed with the UT99 Sniper Rifle, you may lose your crosshairs. If this happens, switch back to the UT99 Sniper Rifle, zoom and release and the crosshairs will return.

Follow the links below to either download the map pack or to take a tour of the levels.

     See the complete "Bonus Pack Release Notes" here:

DC Bonus Pack Release Notes

     Get The Dead Cat Invasion Bonus Pack here:

The Dead Cat Invasion Map Pack

     Tour The Dead Cat Invasion Map Pack here:

Invasion Bonus Pack Tour


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