Road-Kill Journal Vol.4-6

As Jim Morrison said, "This is the end my friend."
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Wednesday, September 10, 2003, 2003 3:00 PM CDT

Goodbye for at least awhile...:

Hey Y'all,

I knew, as did most of you, that this day was coming sooner or later...Well, it's sure not sooner, so it looks like later has finally arrived....Now, where to start...and where to end?

This November will be four years since the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server went on-line and the Dead Cats were to speak. In terms of video-game life spans, that is an eternity. I have to be blunt here and confess that when UT2003 was released I was already pretty burned out on the original UT. I suppose that I expected that just about everyone would make the switch to UT2003 and thereby pump some new, and badly needed, enthusiasm back into the whole operation.

What I did not take into account was just how incomplete UT2003 was at the time of its initial release. To say that it was not ready for prime-time would be a gross understatement. Now, almost a full year later it has made huge improvements and barely resembles what first came out of the shrink-wrap. Sadly, it still appears to be too little and too late. When Balefire and I pumped out the first Dead Cat Map Pack for UT2003 our excitement was rampant and our enthusiasm quickly things can change. Balefire has fallen off the radar, not just for lack of interest in the game, but for personal reasons as well. I can say the same for at least half a dozen others...Most of you never made the switch at all.

The bottom-line is that I am very tired of all things UT and UT2003 as well. I thought that taking the severs off-line for a few days last week would provide a badly needed break and at the same time restart my interest...It didn't work. Here we are only a few days later and I am already up to the gills with the idea of even starting the servers this afternoon.

I have been reflecting all week on this and have tried to consider every possible aspect before making a final decision. I recalled the very early days before we became mappers, skinners, and coders...the days when we just played the game. I remember the first time we crossed paths with Bullet Time and Chronos made that ridiculous, but much appreciated, tiger-man skin for us. Those were more than good, they were terrific times that I do not want to continue to dilute with the current state of things.

Will UT2004 be a better game that can revitalize the deal for everyone? I have no idea, but I'm sure that I'll buy it to find out. For now, however, I think the time has come to put it all out of its misery. I will start the servers tonight, but it will be the last night that either of them will run for the foreseeable future. So, if you need to hook up with someone for a goodbye or to make plans to go somewhere else, then do it tonight or you may forever lose the chance. Please do not ask me to extend the time or offer to help me run the servers...I will not extend the time and this is not about the work, although it is considerable at times. I will not accept offers of help as, many of you know, I cannot by State law give anyone else the adequate administrative privileges on these boxes to properly run a sever. If anyone else, like Spuds, wants to set up Dead Cat server on their own hardware and their own bandwidth, be my guest...good luck and God speed...:-)

The only parts of this that still hold an interest for me are the web server, which will continue to operate, and Operation Na Pali which may show up on the .56 once in a awhile if anyone is up for weekend co-op adventure.

It's been great! I have enjoyed almost every minute of it and now I want to stop before it turns into something that might destroy all of the good memories that are so very important to me.


The Dead Cat Special Weapons CTF Bonus Pack
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, June 11, 2003, 2003 10:30 AM CDT

Some old standards, some major revisions, and one completely new level:

Seven levels revamped and created for the weapons...

More firepower than anyone needs to have...

The Dead Cat Special Weapons CTF maps were created for individual use and for network play on dedicated servers. They are designed expressly for the UT2K3 CTF game mode. All seven of these levels were created by Toonces T. Cat, Balefire, and Hobi-Wan.

Each map has ten additional weapons built in that are usually not a part of "Normal Weapons" game-play. These include: the Helios Rifle, a Colt Peacemaker, an MP5 with Grenade Launcher, a Benneli Shotgun, the Fyrian Cannon, the PIC...or Personal Ion Cannon, Sentinel Deployer...which places either floor or ceiling mounted Sentry Guns much like those from the film Aliens, the Noisy Cricket from Men in Black. and the Sniper Rifle from the original Unreal Tournament...Two of the levels also contain a Super Shock Rifle.

There are no known weapon bugs.

The weapons alternate with the following keys:

           0 = Redeemer, Ion Painter, PIC, Sentinel Deployer
           1 = Shield Gun
           2 = Assault Rifle
           3 = Bio Rifle
           4 = Shock Rifle, Super Shock Rifle, Colt Peacemaker
           5 = Link Gun
           6 = Minigun, Fyrian Cannon, MP5
           7 = Flak Cannon, FireChucker, Noisy Cricket
           8 = Rocket Launcher, Benneli Shotgun
           9 = Lightning Gun, UT99 Sniper Rifle, Helios

If you re-bind any of the standard UT2003 weapons to another key the special weapons, as listed above, will also move to the new key binding.


To ensure full compliance and no version conflict errors, completely remove all files associated with any earlier versions of the weapon mutators.

This includes all files that are part of an earlier version of the Wild West mutator:


...and all files that are parts of the Sentinel Beta, Beta2, Beta3, or Beta4 mutators.

Any files that need to be updated will be replaced by the .ut2mod installer.

All of the weapon mutators may be used with other maps as installed by the .ut2mod file. For details on using each of the weapons, please see the ReadMe files here:

The Wild West Colt Peacemaker

The Personal Ion Cannon

The Fyrian Cannon

The Sentinel Guns

The FireChucker

The UT99 Sniper Rifle

The MP5 and the Benelli Shotgun

The Helios Rifle

The Noisy Cricket

There have been numerous changes in the maps. Expect the unexpected and you won't be disappointed...:-)


Several of the CTF maps have secret areas. These areas can be extremely difficult to reach without killing yourself. In two of the maps they are protected by deadly mazes. Make sure that your "World Detail" setting is set to at least "High" or you will not be able to see the things that can kill you.***


In order to use the Dead Cat Map Pack on a UT2003 Server, you will need to add the following lines to their ut2003.ini file in the [Engine.GameEngine] section of the file:


CTF-(SW)Parallel Worlds is the one completely new level in the pack:

CTF-(SW)Parallel Worlds was built as a concept map. It has seven separate areas linked by a variety of teleporter. It is intended to add a touch of adventure to the game. Take some time to figure out its secrets and explore the hidden areas. In time I will post a spoiler page that will tell you how to get through everything in the level.

One of the Gas Chambers leading to a secret area...

A Sentinel Cavern...Watch that first step!

We are also releasing a Normal Weapons version of the pack:

The revamped version of Boom Boom Bridge

The Dead Cat Normal Weapons CTF maps were created for individual use and for network play on dedicated servers. They are also designed expressly for the UT2K3 CTF game mode. All seven of these levels were built by Toonces T. Cat and Balefire.

All previous versions of these levels are replaced by the versions in the UT2UMod file. The basic layouts are the same, but countless bugs of varying degree have been corrected and in several cases, the maps have been optimized to improve frame rates whenever possible.

To install the maps, just double-click on the file: DC-NW-CTF-BonusPack.ut2mod and follow the instructions.


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