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Toonces Talks Level Building on Local Television
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Thursday, October 23, 2003, 2003 10:00 AM CDT

Dead Cat mapping on television...:

Your humble correspondent, Toonces T. Cat, was recently interviewed regarding his Dead Cat mapping activities for a story that aired on a local television outlet.

Toonces talks mapping with the TV folks...

View the video clip here:

Toonces Talks Video Game Mapping

   Enjoy the clip!


The Final Remote Strike Map Pack for UT2003 is Ready
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Thursday, October 16, 2003, 2003 10:00 PM CDT

Realistic Weapons for UT2003...:

Acid Pipe with Heavy Machineguns...Oh Yeah!

Yes Chronos...That is a Howitzer in Car Park

A .50cal Barrett Sniper Rifle...Can it get any better?

It's Shotgun Gulch with Flashlights and Pump Shotguns!

The maps contained in this UT2K3-Final pack were created or modified for use exclusively with the Remote Strike Weapons. The Remote Strike Weapons are built into the maps and do not require additional weapon manager mutators.

Do not use"REMOTE STRIKE" or "WORM2K3" as mutators with these maps!

Known Bugs:

1.) The AltFire on the Black Defender Shotgun is a powerful Flashlight...You will abolutely need this in the map: CTF-(RS)Bad Night in Shotgun Gulch. If you switch weapons while the light is turned on, it will stay on until you bring the Shotgun back up and turn it off or you are killed and respawn...As Romanov put it, "For now, consider it an added feature."

2.) Some of the Ammo Meshes sit a bit too high off the terrain or the floor. This does not affect game-play in any way.

3.) The files in this pack are for the Version-6 Remote Strike Mod and are fully compatible with the UT2K3-Final maps only. They will not work with earlier map versions. They will work with the Mod Mutator on other maps, but they may give you a version conflict on-line if you play on a Remote Strike server that is using a different version of the files. In the event that happens, move them to a temporary directory and take the push from the server.

You MUST bind a Reload Key in your user.ini file as the weapons have to be reloaded. I am using the "Backspace" key and the bind looks like this:



CTF-(RS)Denali Pass is a very large map and requires a powerful PC and video card to run it at higher resolutions. On my XP-2700 with a 9800 Pro I get better than 50FPS in almost all areas at 1280x1024 with everything jacked to the max settings. On my 1.2Ghz box with a Ti 4600, I barely average 20FPS at the same settings. At 1024x768 it jumps up to around 30FPS and becomes very playable. The other three maps should run on almost any machine that can run the standard Epic UT2003 levels.


If something doesn't work, try crouching. Several of the weapons, and specifically the Sniper Rifle and the Mortar either won't hit the broadside of a barn, or fire at all, if you are standing or running.

To install the Map Pack just double click on the .UT2Mod file and point it to your UT2003 directory.

Many thanks to Romanov and Nexus One for the great guns and to Kangus for Worm2k3 which puts Invisibility back into the game.

Look for more updates after the release of UT2004 !

Download the zip file for the Final Remote Strike Map Pack here:

Final Remote Strike Map Pack for UT2003

   Enjoy the maps!


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