Road-Kill Journal Vol.5-2

[BIO]Deadman Creates CTF-A Dam Too Far for UT2004
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, April 23, 2004 9:30 AM CDT

Another UT99 classic is back...:

You can't keep a great level down...

This level speaks for itself...[BIO]Deadman has recreated CTF-A Dam Too Far for UT2004. All I will say about the level itself is that Deadman has a wide-margin...every hope and expectation for Dam Too Far for UT2K4. This is not just another good remake. It is a faithful translation of the level that does an outstanding job of perfectly blending the best of the original with all the goodness of UT2004 graphics. And, it does it without trashing either the FPS or the game-play.

Bravo Deadman!...Job well done!

To download CTF-A Dam Too Far, click on the link below:

Download CTF-A Dam Too Far


The Dead Cat Invasion Levels for UT2004
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, April 16, 2004 3:30 PM CDT

Yeah Baby! Monster Mayhem is back!...:

Can't shoot'em? Then run'em over!

Are you looking for quality maps that offer the very best in game-play, aesthetics, and many opportunities for thoughtful and clever team-play? If the answer is yes, then do NOT download this Map Pack! This Map Pack is about ludicrous battles with silly creatures that will light up your display like the night sky over Baghdad! If you like to blow stuff up and kill things, then you have selected the right download!

To install this bomb, do the following:

1.) Place all .ut2 files in your ut2004\maps folder....SEE #6 BELOW!!!

2.) Place everything else in your ut2004\system folder except the ReadMe files which you can either read or ignore depending upon how lucky you feel at the moment...:-)

3.) The file: vehicleInvasion.ucl has been modified to allow the prefix "INV0" to be visible in your Instant Action window when Vehicle Invasion is selected...To use normal ONS maps with this package you will have to open the file and change the comment:

MapPrefix=INV0 to MapPrefix=ONS

4.) Start UT2004 and select Instant Action...You will see the new game-type listed.

5.) Select and activate the Translocator Mutator in the mute selection window. You may play play the maps without it, but there are many things you will not be able to do without the Translocator.

6.) The file: DM-(INV)~DeadCatInvasionMaps.ut2 is a place holder ignore it...It is not a map!

I suggest setting the Monsters to Adept and buckling your seatbelt.

Many thanks to Mus@at for the Vehicle Invasion Mutator and to TsN|Byte for the VCTF-TL Mutator...Life would be so boringly normal without such gifted and twisted minds.

To download The Dead Cat Invasion Map Pack, click on the link below:

Download the DC Invasion Maps


Take a Drive Through VCTF-Strip Mine][
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Saturday, April 10, 2004 11:30 AM CDT

The first fully pathed Vehicle CTF Level...:

Will this be the UT2004 Dead Cat foundation map?

Welcome to VCTF-Strip Mine][! This abandoned strip mine is one of Liandri's newest arenas for the tournament. The high temperatures, toxic fumes, and carcinogenic dust are almost as hazrdous to the players' health as the enemy team. Either way, you're dead already.

This is, I believe, the first VehicleCTF level that has been fully pathed for the bots. The bots will drive all of the vehicles and will man all of the gunners positions as well. All spawn points, except for one on each of the long pipe runs, are behinds the base walls. No spawn points are located within range of the Leviathans. They will, eventually, use the Leviathans, but not right away. That is an intentional design consideration and not an oversight. The Leviathans only respawn every 5 minutes instead of the standard 2 minute interval. The bots will play the map well on any setting, but are superb at Masterful or above. It originaly had flying vehicles in it, but it is much more of a slugfest as it is now...and that is what I what I was attempting to create.

The level has Translocators built into it...Many thanks to TsN|Byte for his most excellent mutator that allows this to work. The level may also be played using TsN|Byte's original mutator. It in no way conflicts with the standard Epic Translocators or the ones built into this map. Many thanks to the Beta Testers: [DC]DRCray, [DC]Slayer, [DC]Puma, and [dc]Unreality. Also a big thank you to TseTse for thinking of building the Translocators into the level itself.

Version 1.1 fixes problems with the Collision Hulls on the pipe-bridge supports. Many, many thanks to [DC]DRCray for finding the problem and testing the corrected version of the level.

To take the tour of VCTF-Strip Mine][, just on the link below:

Tour VCTF-Strip Mine][

To download VCTF-Strip Mine, click on the link below:

Download VCTF-Strip Mine][


Shadows and Smoke: Dead Cat vs. Dead Cat
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, January 16, 2004 10:00 AM CDT

The Dead Cats fight a Civil War...:

Dead Cats hold their first official inter-clan frag-fest...

On January 14, 2004 the Dead Cats held their first organized intra-clan CTF match. The match consisted of three levels: CTF-Acid Pipe, CTF-Boom Boom Bridge, and CTF-A Dam Too Far. All three games went to the Blue Team with Acid Pipe becoming a bit of a blow-out. The two games on Boom Boom Bridge and A Dam Too Far, however, were extremely close. The battle on the Bridge is one of the best CTF matches I've ever seen...It was definitely a no quarter asked and no quarter given type of game.

Match organization could have been better, but for a first-time event things went very smoothly. Hopefully, each one of these events will prove better than the last one. [DC] Arse Leftenant has posted some very sound suggestions regarding future organization of the matches to the Dead Cat Match Team email list. Once these guidelines, or something like them, are in place things should improve significantly.

To view the match screenshots, just click on the link below. There are six pages of pictures. They are all organized by level in the same order as the match was played. There is a link to the next page in the set at the bottom of each one.

Shadows and Smoke Match Pix


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