Road-Kill Journal Vol.5-4

The Dead Cats vs. The UTPA Student Team in a CTF Match
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Tuesday, September 21, 2005 8:00 AM CDT

The Students have thrown down the gauntlet...:

Someone's gonna get a spanking...

The UTPA Student Team has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged the Dead Cats to a CTF match scheduled for October 6, 2005 at 5:00pm in the Student Union. The students will play in the 2nd Floor Game Room using the eight-station Student Union Gaming LAN. The Dead Cats will play from various locations on campus and as far away as Northern Florida in the case of [DC] Ta-Chee. Everyone, except those located out of State, will gather for pizza and soda, courtesy of the Student Union, in the 2nd Floor Game Room following the match.

The first game will be played on the Dead Cats' home level CTF-Acid Pipe. Game two will played on CTF-A Dam Too Far. The tie-breaker game, if needed, will be played in CTF-Aggressive Alley. The server set-up will be as usual with the three following exceptions:

     .1) No Relic of Vengeance will be in play to minimize the luck factor

     .2) Each game will run for 30 minutes, but there will be no limit on Flag Captures

     .3) We will use Tournament Mode which freezes player positions until all 16 are in place

The teams will be 8 vs. 8 and the UTPA Student Team will be Blue and the Dead Cats will wear Red. We are also planning on feeding the game into a large 52" projection TV in 2nd Floor Game Room for any audience that gathers to view the match. It will be on a spectator feed and cycle through all the players on both teams. The Server Admin will also use a 2nd spectator slot to capture screen-shots for the website.

Sorry, but there will be not be any other spectator slots available.

To view a few pictures of the students and the Student Union LAN click here:

UTPA Student Union LAN for UT99


Students Quickly Filled the Video-Game System to Capacity
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Tuesday, April 26, 2005 8:00 PM CDT

UTPA Students get into UT99 with a vengeance...:

Playing a Round of CTF between Classes

We opened the student's video-game system late in the day on Friday the 22nd. By mid-day Monday, all of the seats were filled with even more players waiting on-line to get in the game. Sanecow and some of the folks from the [CDL]...Center for Distance Learning...piled in and bullied the newbies. Yeah Kumar, that will really get them to like you. The only bump we hit was that the Toonces forgot to add all of the texture and package files to the client images so we had to go over to the Student Union and manually move them into the proper directories. Many thanks to Puma and Fat-Cat for the help patching things up!

Now we need to give the students time to get some practice in and then we can set up a tournament with ladders and such. Maybe at some point they will be ready for a [DC] challenge. I played a game in Car Park with Puma a few minutes ago and had a blast. I had forgotten how much fun it is to play this game along with making levels for it. Speaking of levels, the kids showed some excellent taste as they really seem to like all of the maps made by Hobi-Wan and Toonces.

We had a minor conflict with either the CarryTheFlagCTF mute or with the CTFDoTheRightThing mod. I commented both out of the .ini files for now. I think the students would have been confused by the Carry CTF game at this point anyway. There are 67 unique levels on the server and all are fully functional. That includes all of the critter maps with the Skaarj and Titans as well as the two levels where the "Gold" team appears and tries to shoot everyone...Which means you'll have ample opportunity to plug everyone's favorite terrorist.

To view the Cool Lynx page for the Student Union LAN click here:

UTPA Student Union LAN for UT99


New Video-Game Center in the UTPA Student Union
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Monday, April 18, 2005 11:30 AM CDT

Dead Cats build gaming system for the students...:

Student Union Machine's Desktop Image

A few of the Dead Cats working in the Division of Information Technology are now in the process of building a gaming system for the University of Texas Pan American students. The gaming center will be located in the University's Student Union Building. It will consist of 8 PCs running Unreal Tournament. These are older machines that were destined for the scrap yard. They are all 800Mhz boxes with 256Mbs of RAM. They are not capable of running UT2004. If the site is successful and popular with the students, we may eventually find the resources to upgrade to a newer game.

All of the stations will be assigned permanent non-routable IP addresses. We have a installed a second NIC card in the Stuffed Cats server which will host only the eight machines located in the Student Union Building. If I am correct it will only be a day or two after the system comes to life before you'll rarely see a Cat Bot on the server. The students will quickly fill all of their slots. Access to the server from the dorms and from off-campus will remain the same as it is now. Just look for the Stuffed Cats server in your UT99 favorites window and it will still be there.

For now I will leave the server set up for 8 Cat Bots and a total of 14 players when all the slots are filled. If the demand exceeds the space available, we will try to find a more robust PC to use for the server and bump it up to 20 players. All of the current maps will remain in place for play in both the CTF and the CarryTheFlagCTF game-play modes. At some point I may turn TDM on with the 6 or 7 maps we push through the redirect machine. The DM levels include 3rd Space Beacon, Zeitkind DCSE, Beholden the Observatory, Sands, Lost Tombs of Ra, and Morpheus.

All of the Dead Cat skin packs will be available as they are now. The students will not be able to use the existing packages. We've discussed this aspect of the set-up and believe it will be better if the students create their own team-skins once they have formed groups to participate in tournaments. Puma and I will assist them with the graphics development whenever they request our help. Of course, if any of them want to join the Dead Cats, then they will have access to all of the old packages along with anything they create for themselves. The student branch of DC is still active and available to them.

Most of the heavy lifting on this deal is being done by Puma, Fat-Cat, and me. Our contact at the Student Union is a young lady named Melissa Benavides who is new to video-games. She is very enthusiastic and seems anxious to learn. Many thanks also go out to Gary Wiggins, John Edwards, Sam Smith, and our very own Anne Toal, aka [DC]Mysterian, for making this possible.


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