Final version - 6th May 2003

Miles Asvachin

Thanks to:
Epic and/or DE or whoever put the cannon meshes in to UT2003 and then decided not to use them.
Toonces T. Cat, omg OMG and all the others who ran servers to test the beta versions.
Everyone else who assisted in the beta testing, particularly the INA forum members.



An automatic cannon with pickup for UT2003 along with two mutators to add it.

The ADS-1 "Sentinel" automated defence system was designed to help defend large installations when available personnel are limited in number. It comes with everything necessary to set up a barrier of formidable firepower. This includes components to create cannon, and the Sentinel Deployer, which can be loaded with components and then used to construct a cannon on-site virtually instantaneously, or to repair an existing cannon.

The Deployer can be configured to construct either of two types of Sentinel cannon:


Put the following files in the indicated directories:

Sentinel.u                             ->        UT2003\System                           ->        UT2003\System
SentinelStaticMeshes.usx      ->       UT2003\StaticMeshes
SentinelTextures.utx              ->       UT2003\Textures

N.B. It is recommended that you remove any files from previous versions.



There are two mutators to get the Sentinel into the game:

Settings will be stored in a file called 'Sentinel.ini' in the 'UT2003\System' directory, created automatically the first time you configure the mutator.

To actually place a cannon in-game, you must first pick up the Sentinel Deployer, which acts like a normal weapon except that it 'fires' cannon:

Note that by default, the number of Sentinels any one player can have active at once is limited to 2 in DM, 5 in team-games and 100 in Invasion.

The cannon are not suitable for manual placement by mappers, but the Deployer is. It can be placed like any other weapon after opening the package 'Sentinel.u' in the actor browser in UEd. There are no associated ammo pickups. Obviously you must then distribute all the Sentinel files with your map.

If you run a server with either mutator, you must add the package to the server packages list in UT2003.ini. Add the line 'ServerPackages=Sentinel' under the section labelled '[Engine.GameEngine]'.

A special note for server admins: Even if you are getting the Sentinel into the game by some other means than the two supplied mutators, I still suggest that you run the Sentinel Replacer A mutator with all the replacement options turned off, so that the max sentinels settings can be seen in the server browser.

Known bugs:

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions or comments, please e-mail them to me.

Sentinel Beta Change Log