Unreal Tournament 2003 .45 Colt PeaceMaker Pistols


Title : Colt PeaceMaker Pistols
Version : 1.01
Release Date : 04/5/2003
Filename : wildwest1.01.zip
Author : Prefablab
Internet Address : gusher@planetunreal.com

The PreFabLab

Changes in v101: No more un-natural swaying of arm, gun is close to screen, damage has been reduced, you can pick up a dropped colt and shoot with 2 of them, headshots are announced, gunsmoke, muzzle flashes, hammer animation, and pickup messages fixed.

Description: An addon weapon with a wild west flavor. Single or Dual Colt PeaceMaker Revolvers with ivory grips. Now mappers can start making wild wild west maps and bring the unreal fans back to the future of Outlaw gunslingers. I must say these colts are so so powerful in the hands of a true gunslinger and I think you won't need any other weapons unless you wanna shoot buffalos!

Construction time: Several days.

Credits: This is my first time making a mutator for UT2003 which I always wanted to do. This was a great learning experience for me. With the resources and help of the Unreal community learning how the UnrealEngine works has never been impossible.Planetunreal as always for hosting me, everyone at the PU forums, and all the other cool sites out there, like BeyondUnreal, in general the community, and greets of course to the mod team I have worked in the past year, www.UnrealBadlands.com Special thanks to Miles Avachin a.ka. Mr. Evil who also happens to have his site at http://come.to/mrevil....he did all the coding for this mutator while I compiled the media which includes textures, sounds, and meshes. Keep in mind that I don't take full credit for the meshes or some textures of this mutator because they are from the modding community including "Devastation" game and whoever made the colt for ActionHL kudos to him.....I only added a fancy ivory grip to it and if you haven't bought "Devastation" game yet you better get it now cuz it's one of the best Unreal Warfare based games out right now.


Future Plans:

If you think more weapons should be added to this mutator lemme know and if you think you would like to contribute your skills for the next weapon lemme know. All in all if this mutator doesn't get popular then I will just let it die a slow death.



Place wildwest_v101.u and wildwest_v101.int into your ut2003\system dir and put all other files to their corresponding folders. Then... either pick the arena mutator, or the colt replacer (replaces the shock R)... if you'd like to use it on your server go to your ut2003.ini in the system dir... find the places where it says ServerPackages=and add: ServerPackages=wildwest_v101

Have fun!





You may not distribute, sell, or make it your own. Strictly not for commercial use. Only for fun, hobby and acadcemic use. For additional instructions please contact said authors.